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July 18, 2022

Weekly review: The most (and least) stressed US cities, according to WalletHub

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    How to deal with a bad boss, how employers are changing health benefits in 2023, and more.

    4 big ways employers are changing health benefits in 2023 (Monday, July 11)

    Amid the Great Resignation, roughly two-thirds of employers are looking to enhance their health benefits in an effort to improve employee recruitment and retention, according to a new survey from Mercer. Here's where employers are looking to invest.

    HHS: Hospitals 'must provide' abortions in some emergencies—regardless of state law (Tuesday, July 12)

    HHS on Monday issued guidance saying the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act pre-empts state law, meaning health care providers "must provide" abortions if they feel it is necessary in a medical emergency, regardless of whether abortion is banned in their state.

    The most (and least) stressed US cities, according to WalletHub (Wednesday, July 13)

    Stress is highest in Cleveland and lowest in Fremont, California, according to a report on stress in 150 U.S. cities released Monday by WalletHub.

    'Life's too short to work for jerks': How to deal with a bad boss (Thursday, July 14)

    Your boss can influence "everything from choice projects and bonuses to your all-around happiness" in the workplace. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Rachel Feintzeig suggests techniques to help "survive, change, leave or overthrow your particular type of bad boss."

    Can Mark Cuban lower Medicare drug costs? A deeper dive into the headlines (Friday, July 15)

    Mark Cuban's CostPlus Drugs Company is grabbing attention for its transparent cost structure and low prices, and a recent study found that its model could generate substantial savings for the Medicare program. However, the numbers aren't telling the whole story.


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