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June 17, 2022

Weekend reads: Are 'excessive' heat waves the new norm?

Daily Briefing

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    Can a smart scale improve your overall health? While some health care professionals and fitness coaches encourage the use of smart bathroom scales that use Bioelectric Impedance Analysis to measure and track fat and water content in the body overtime, others argue that this information may not be an effective way to gauge a person's overall health. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Janine Annett weights the pros and cons of smart scales.

    Are 'excessive' heat waves the new norm? According to the 2018 federal National Climate Assessment, the frequency, severity, and length of U.S. heat waves have increased significantly since the 1960s—and this summer is no exception. Writing for the New York Times, Livia Albeck-Ripka and Derrick Bryson Taylor explain what's driving the rise in "excessive" heat waves around the world.

    Lex Ashcroft's reads

    The case for mindful cursing. Like most things in life, cursing can be good in moderation. When used appropriately, it provides surprising social and physical benefits to users—and is even associated with some positive personality traits. Writing for The Atlantic, Arthur C. Brooks offers simple rules for using profanity: do it on purpose, ration your curses, don't abuse or harass, and if necessary, create a "swearing safe space."

    How social stress can speed up immune system aging. Immune systems naturally start to decline as people age. A new study has identified an association between social stress and accelerated immune system aging. Writing for The Conversation, Eric Klopack highlights the important roles of positive health behaviors and socio-environmental conditions in the attempts to slow down immune system aging.

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