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February 14, 2022

Weekly review: The 250 'Best Hospitals' in 2022, according to Healthgrades

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    Europe may be nearing a "pandemic endgame," where Covid-19 currently stands in America, and more.

    Is Europe nearing its 'pandemic endgame'? (Monday, Feb. 7)

    The director of the World Health Organization's Europe office on Thursday said the region is entering a "plausible endgame" to the Covid-19 pandemic, providing European countries with "a singular opportunity to take control of transmission."

    Here's where Covid-19 currently stands in America (Tuesday, Feb. 8)

    Covid-19 cases have been dropping over the past two weeks in 49 states, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, and hospitalizations are decreasing as well, leading many states to start scaling back indoor and school mask mandates.

    The 250 'Best Hospitals' in 2022, according to Healthgrades (Wednesday, Feb. 9)

    Healthgrades on Tuesday named this year's recipients of its annual America's Best Hospitals Awards, which recognizes the 250 top hospitals in the country.

    What a study revealed about long Covid in kids (Thursday, Feb. 10)

    Children and adolescents who test positive for Covid-19 are far more likely to report lingering symptoms three months after infection than those who test negative, according to a new study published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. Here's how many Covid-positive young people continue to experience lingering symptoms—and the symptoms most commonly reported.

    How Americans feel about the pandemic, in 5 charts (Friday, Feb. 11)

    A series of recent polls have found that many Americans have grown increasingly frustrated with the pandemic and are pessimistic about its future. See the responses in our interactive charts. 

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