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December 30, 2021

The 10 most-read Daily Briefing stories of 2021

Daily Briefing

    Each December, the Daily Briefing's editorial team shares a list of the 10 stories our readers visited most in the prior year.

    Historically, that list has included a wide range of stories covering everything from physician pay to medical mysteries—but 2021 was anything but ordinary.

    This year, our most-read stories overwhelmingly related to the Covid-19 pandemic … with a few interesting exceptions.

    As you browse these stories, please bear in mind that many were published relatively early in the year, and that both the coronavirus and our understanding of it have evolved since then. Many of these stories, though, remain as evergreen and relevant today as ever.

    From our team to yours, we wish you a happy new year!

    The 10 most-read stories

    1. How much worse will the 'delta surge' get? Watch these 7 factors. (August 19)
    2. Are two face masks better than one? Here's what researchers say. (January 15)
    3. The 6 lifestyle factors that can reduce your risk of dementia by half (June 2)
    4. The best diets for 2021, according to US News (January 4)
    5. How to fight the 'nursing exodus.' (Hint: It isn't $40,000 sign-on bonuses.) (September 14)
    6. Why are coronavirus cases suddenly dropping? Here are 4 key factors. (February 17)
    7. Do mask mandates and restaurant closures help stop Covid-19 deaths? Here's what CDC just found. (March 8)
    8. Is it time to ditch your cloth mask—and replace it with something better? (January 22)
    9. Can vitamin D really prevent Covid-19? Here's what the evidence says. (January 14)
    10. Will Biden's vaccine requirements survive in court? Here's what legal experts think. (September 13)

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