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November 18, 2021

Around the nation: New generic insulin has a much higher price tag than expected

Daily Briefing

    Viatris priced its new generic insulin, and it's only slightly cheaper than its competitor—in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

    • Georgia: CDC has added the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, and Guernsey to its highest-risk travel advisory category—meaning those countries had over 500 Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people for each of the past 28 days. Currently, there are more than 80 destinations in the agency's highest risk category. According to CDC's website, travelers should avoid these destinations if possible. However, the agency added, "If you must travel to these destinations, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel." (Beals, The Hill, 11/16)
    • Pennsylvania: Viatris released its new generic insulin, called Semglee, with a price tag of $269.38 per vial or $404.04 for a five-pen package. This is only slightly less expensive than its main competitor, Lantus, which is priced at $283.56 per vial or $425.31 for a five-pen package. Notably, when Semglee was granted FDA approval as an "interchangeable" biosimilar drug, the drug was seemingly set to be priced at $98.65 per vial. However, that price will now apply to an unbranded version of the drug. (Herman, Axios, 11/17)
    • Virginia: Carilion Clinic on Monday announced that last month Ralph Alee was hired as its first VP for philanthropy. In this position, Alee will collaborate with other executive leaders to provide strategic fundraising and philanthropy efforts. In addition, he will focus on the organization's $100 million capital campaign for a new cancer center and oversee daily operations for the Carilion Clinic Foundation. (Sidersky, Virginia Business, 11/15)

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