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October 8, 2021

Weekend reads: What we realized during the Facebook blackout

Daily Briefing

    Why stem cells might be behind your hair loss, why men are now more likely to be single than women, and more.

    Vivan Le's reads

    Escaping stem cells may be the reason behind your hair loss. Hair loss is an unmistakable sign of aging, but how—and why—does it happen? According to new research using aging mice, "escaping" stem cells in hair follicles might be the cause. Writing for the New York Times, Gina Kolata explains how stem cells escape as aging occurs and whether this information can be used to help prevent hair loss in the future.

    What counts as science writing? While pandemic has allowed immunology, epidemiology, and public health to become "dinner-table fodder," there is more to the pandemic than just the science behind it. Writing for The Atlantic, Ed Yong explains how science is entangled with politics, culture, social norms, and much more—and why it's better to consider what doesn't count as science writing instead.

    Alyssa Nystom's reads

    What we realized during the Facebook blackout. When Facebook—along with Instagram and WhatsApp—went down this week, many came to the realization that the platform is very powerful, but it may not be as powerful as previously thought. Writing for the Washington Post, Molly Roberts explores the "practically cinematic" afternoon where the world realized how essential and non-essential Facebook is at the same time. 

    Why men are now more likely to be single than women. According to a Pew Research analysis, single men have a higher chance of not having a college degree, being financially unstable, and being unemployed when compared with men who live with a partner. Writing for TIME, Belinda Luscombe analyzes recent trends in marriage and financial outcomes among American adults.

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