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July 26, 2021

Weekly review: The link between alcohol and 7 major cancers, charted

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    The 25 "best paying jobs" from U.S. News & World Report, why health systems are closing their retail pharmacies, and more.

    Intermountain is closing most of its outpatient pharmacies. It isn't alone. (Monday, July 19)

    Intermountain Healthcare has decided to close 25 of its 26 retail pharmacies and refer its patients to CVS Health—and other health systems around the country are moving in the same direction, Modern Healthcare reports.

    The IPO list is here to stay—and 3 other surprises in CMS' 2022 outpatient proposed rule (Tuesday, July 20)

    CMS on Monday unveiled the proposed payment rule for hospital outpatient departments and ambulatory surgical centers for calendar year 2022. Advisory Board's experts are analyzing the 863-page rule, but in the meantime, we've pulled out the most surprising proposals—including fines of up to $2 million for price transparency non-compliance—and what they mean for providers.

    Charted: The link between alcohol and 7 major cancers (Wednesday, July 21)

    Alcohol was linked to at least 740,000 new cases of seven different cancers in 2020, according to a study published in Lancet Oncology, Susan Brink reports for NPR's "Goats and Soda." Explore how alcohol is linked with each cancer on our interactive chart.

    The 25 'Best Paying Jobs,' according to US News (Thursday, July 22)

    U.S. News & World Report released its 2021 list of the 25 "Best Paying Jobs" in the United States, and all 10 of the top-ranking jobs are in the health care industry. Advisory Board's Clare Wirth and Daniel Kuzmanovich weigh in on the rankings and offer 5 tips on building an effective physician compensation model.

    9 must-read books for the summer, according to Advisory Board experts (Friday, July 23)

    Now that your favorite coffee shops and pools are opening back up, it's time to pick up a new book and dive in. We gathered a list of nine recommendations from Advisory Board experts—whether you're looking to expand upon your political history knowledge, learn how to make better decisions, or enter the world of Greek mythology and fantasy novels.

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