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June 1, 2021

Weekly review: Why did suicide decline amid Covid-19? Here are 5 leading theories.

Daily Briefing

    Should Covid-19 vaccines be mandatory for health care workers, what CDC says about how common "breakthrough" Covid-19 cases are, and more.

    The 150 'Best Places to Work,' according to Modern Healthcare (Monday, May 24)

    Modern Healthcare has released its unranked list of the "Best Places to Work" in health care for 2021, and 41 Advisory Board members made the list.

    Should Covid-19 vaccines be mandatory for health care workers? (Tuesday, May 25)

    Several major health systems—including the University of Pennsylvania Health System, RWJBarnabas Health, and Houston Methodist—plan to require staff to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Here's why they're opting for a mandate, and why executives at other organizations say they're holding off for now.

    How common are 'breakthrough' Covid-19 cases? Here's what CDC's new report says. (Wednesday, May 26)

    A new CDC report provides the agency's clearest accounting yet of how many Americans are developing so-called "breakthrough" coronavirus infections after being fully vaccinated—news that comes as the agency announced it will no longer track breakthrough cases that don't lead to hospitalization or death.

    Why did suicide decline amid Covid-19? Here are 5 leading theories. (Thursday, May 27)

    Despite an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression amid the Covid-19 pandemic, deaths by suicide fell by 9% between March and August of 2020, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Here are five potential reasons for the surprising decline.

    What could persuade unvaccinated people to get a shot? Here's what a new poll reveals. (Friday, May 28)

    Even as U.S. Covid-19 cases dropped by almost 20% in the past week, fewer unvaccinated Americans report being willing to get vaccinated—potentially jeopardizing progress against the epidemic. But a new poll is shedding light on what might persuade vaccine-hesitant people to get a shot.

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