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March 26, 2021

Weekend reads: Benefits of getting vaccinated? Donuts, beer, and more.

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    How preoccupied pedestrians disrupt movement, 12 unexpected vaccine sites, and more.

    Ben Palmer's reads

    Did you get your Covid-19 vaccine? You could get some free stuff. While getting vaccinated will first and foremost protect you against the novel coronavirus, there are some other benefits as well: namely, all the free "swag" businesses are handing out to the vaccinated, the New York Times' Mike Ives and Jesus Jiménez report. Ives and Jiménez detail the different companies offering free things for those who get their Covid-19 vaccines, including Krispy Kreme, which is offering a free glazed doughnut every day this year to those who provide proof of vaccination, and the Market Garden Brewery, which is offering 10-cent beers to the first 2021 people who present a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

    The pandemic has led to increases in chipped and cracked teeth. The stress of the ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc on people's teeth, according to a new survey from the American Dental Association, with more than 70% of dentists reporting an increase of patients experiencing teeth grinding and jaw clenching issues—conditions often linked to stress. Writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, James Causey details the results of the survey and speaks to some people who have experienced dental problems as a result of stress firsthand.

    José Vasquez's reads

    How distracted pedestrians disrupt the movements of crowds. If you're walking with your eyes glued to your phone, you could end up throwing off the movements of everyone behind you, according to a study published Wednesday in Science Advances. For the study, researchers from the Nagaoka University of Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, and the University of Tokyo conducted outdoor experiments to see how preoccupied pedestrians affect the way crowds move. The researchers found inattentive pedestrians slowed down the walking pace of everyone behind them and caused the entire group to walk less smoothly, Veronique Greenwood writes for the New York Times.

    12 unexpected Covid-19 vaccine sites. More than 85.4 million Americans had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 as of Wednesday morning, according to CDC data. But where exactly did they get vaccinated? Politico's Jasmine Hilton rounds up 12 unusual places where Americans are getting vaccinated, including aircraft carriers, baseball stadiums, theaters, and resorts.

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