July 13, 2020

Weekly review: Did mass protests lead to surges in coronavirus cases? Here's what the evidence says.

Daily Briefing

    Did mass protests lead to surges in coronavirus cases? Here's what the evidence says. (Monday, July 6)
    When mass protests recently erupted nationwide, some epidemiologists predicted a surge of coronavirus transmission, while others suggested that specific characteristics of the protests made mass transmission unlikely. Here's what the evidence suggests so far.

    Is it safe to go to the gym right now? Here's what health experts say. (Tuesday, July 7)
    As gyms reopen across the United States, many Americans (whether workout enthusiasts or begrudging exercisers) are wondering whether it's safe to return to the workout spots amid the country's resurging coronavirus epidemic. NPR and the Washington Post separately spoke to public health experts to find out.

    America’s 100 best hospitals, according to IBM Watson Health and Fortune (Wednesday, July 8)
    IBM Watson Health and Fortune Magazine earlier this month released their list of the top 100 hospitals and top 15 health systems in the United States, and 82 are Advisory Board members.

    Walmart just launched Walmart Insurance (Thursday, July 9)
    Walmart has created a new subsidiary, called Walmart Insurance Services, which will sell health insurance policies to consumers—and other health insurers "are right to be nervous," according to Advisory Board's Sally Kim and Natalie Trebes. Here's what you need to know.

    This nurse filmed her last days to show how the 'deathly' coronavirus can progress (Friday, July 10)

    When ED nurse Pamela Orlando fell ill with Covid-19, she spent the last few weeks before her death videotaping her experience to show the world how the "deathly [coronavirus] could progress," according to her son.

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