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December 5, 2019

Architectural Design Showcase: December 2019

Daily Briefing

    The 31st installment of the Daily Briefing's Architectural Design Showcase features 14 behavioral health facilities.

    2019 Architectural Design Showcase
    • Array Architects: Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters Behavioral Health Tower, designed by Array Architects, is a 14-story facility, featuring 60 private inpatient beds, outpatient behavioral and specialty clinics, an indoor gym, an outdoor recreation area, a music room, a recording studio, a rooftop garden and a multi-sensory room with family lounge areas. (©2019 Array Architects)

    • BSA Life Structures: The BSA Life Structures-designed The NeuroDiagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center delivers advanced evaluation and treatment for patients with the most challenging and complex neuropsychiatric illnesses and moves them more efficiently into the most appropriate treatment settings within the community or state mental health system. (© 2019 Susan Fleck Photography)

    • BWBR: Natural lighting, open sight lines, softer materials, color, art, and patient choice create a safer and more therapeutic environment in the BWBR-designed UnityPoint Health-Meriter's Child/Adolescent Psychiatry program expansion and renovation, establishing a sense of hope and dignity in the treatment of mental illness. (©2019 Michael R Conway)

    • Boulder Associates: Boulder Associates designed the Boulder Community Health Riverbend Health Center, a three-story facility that houses outpatient and inpatient behavioral health, integrative care, ECT, and neurology services. Oversized hallways with lingering spaces, and centralized day and dining spaces allow for varying levels of social interaction. The inpatient unit also features tunable lighting throughout. (© 2019 Caleb Tkach, AIAP)

    • Davis Partnership Architects: With the campaign of Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives, Davis Partnership Architects worked with Mind Springs Health to complete West Springs Hospital, a new 62,000 square foot 48-bed psychiatric replacement hospital (expandable to 64 beds) on their current campus. (© 2018 Paul Brokering)

    • ESa: The Anna Shaw Children's Institute is a modern interpretation of a tree house, creating a leading-edge center at which children on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disorders feel comfortable to interact. This ESa-designed center provides services to diagnose and treat children, aged birth to 11. (© 2019 Chad Mellon)

    • Hord Coplan Macht: Hord Coplan Macht provided design services for University of Maryland Midtown Campus' Inpatient Psychiatric Unit. This new 37-bed inpatient psychiatric unit provides comprehensive services to patients and contains art therapy, multi-purpose day rooms and consultation/therapy spaces. (© 2019 Curtis Martin Photography)

    • JE Dunn: University of Kansas Health System understood the demand for short-term inpatient behavioral health services in the Midwest region, and selected JE Dunn Construction to renovate an unoccupied building to create a 47-room facility that meets modern day mental and behavioral health needs. The Strawberry Hill Campus features a large, tiered, interior atrium with natural plants to bring a sense of the outdoors, creating a healing and soothing environment for the patients and staff. The exterior received upgraded site utilities, new ambulance drop-off and a recreational courtyard. (© 2019 JE Dunn Construction)

    • Kahler Slater: Kahler Slater is the primary lead for the hospital planning and interior architectural design of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) and teamed with the Toronto architectural firm Montgomery Sisam for this project. This venture includes an 80,000 square foot addition: a 15-bed acute mental health inpatient unit plus associated mental health ambulatory care facilities, a new emergency department, surgical and procedural rooms, day surgery program, and sterile processing department along with minor renovations in the existing facility. (© 2018 Michael Van Leur)

    • Page: Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston (HHH) serves a vulnerable and marginalized population of homeless men, women and children. The award-winning Page-designed medical, dental, and behavioral health clinics provide “health, hope and dignity” through thoughtful and safety-enhancing accommodations for the special needs of HHH's clientele. (© 2016 Slyworks Photography)

    • RLF: RLF provided departmental planning along with full design services for the renovation of the Tripler Behavioral Health Clinic. The design provides an arrangement and circulatory flow that optimizes privacy, safety, and efficiency. The separation of evaluation and counseling (“On Stage”) patient care functions from administrative and staff support functions (“Off Stage”) will enhance patient, staff satisfaction and improve patient outcomes in a calm, therapeutic environment. (© 2019 RLF)

    • SmithGroup: Though the design includes enhanced safety elements, a priority of SmithGroup in this multi-phase renovation of the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital is to eliminate an institutional feel. Renovations to the existing unit entry, elopement buffer area, visitors room, and interview room all improve visibility, allowing staff to screen visitors and manage the movement of patients in and out of the locked unit. Additional renovations, including expansions to the staff conference room, medication room, a new medication safety zone, sensory room, staff lounge, and nurse station, all help improve clinical operations and encourage collaboration among care team members. (©2019 SmithGroup)

    • WSP USA/EYP Architecture & Engineering: The Nixon Forensic Center at Fulton State Hospital was strategically constructed and designed by WSP USA/EYP Architecture & Engineering to improve healing, recovery, and safety through leading-edge behavioral health design. The design maximizes light, integrates nature and optimizes walking distances to provide a more secure, therapeutic patient experience. (© 2019 WSP USA/EYP Architecture & Engineering)

    • ZGF: Seattle Children’s Hospital serves the largest population of any pediatric hospital in the nation. ZGF designed the Seattle Children's Hospital Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit to emphasize life-affirming attitudes and support patient and staff safety. The 34,000 SF behavioral health unit is dedicated to children ages 3 to 18 years.(© 2014 Aaron Leitz)

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