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September 30, 2019

The 150 'Best Places to Work,' according to Modern Healthcare

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    Modern Healthcare on Friday released its 2019 ranked list of the "Best Places to Work in Healthcare," featuring hospitals, suppliers, and other organizations in the industry.

    Congratulations to Advisory Board members named to the list: See the list of 45 honorees


    The list is open to U.S. health care providers, insurers, and suppliers with at least 25 employees that have been in business for at least a year. Applicants must be a for-profit business, a nonprofit business, or a government entity.

    Applicants submit a two-part application to be considered for the list. The first part, worth 25% of a company's total score, addresses workplace policies, practices, and demographics. The second part, worth 75% of a company's total score, is an employee survey designed to measure employee experience.

    For this year's edition, Modern Healthcare ranked a group of 75 providers and insurers on one list and a group of 75 suppliers on another. Modern Healthcare released an unranked list of those 150 awardees in May.

    The Best Places to Work

    According to Modern Healthcare, the top 10 organizations to work for among providers and insurers  are:

    1. Shriners Hospitals for Children-Erie (Erie, Pennsylvania);
    2. Parkview Wabash Hospital (Wabash, Indiana);
    3. Woman's Hospital (Baton Rouge, Louisiana);
    4. Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Hospital (San Antonio, Texas);
    5. Mercy Health-Willard Hospital (Willard, Ohio);
    6. Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital (Tulsa, Oklahoma);
    7. Marathon Health (Winsooki, Vermont);
    8. Hillcrest Hospital Cushing (Cushing, Oklahoma);
    9. Texas Orthopedic Hospital (Houston); and
    10. Sutter Amador Hospital (Jackson, California).

    According to Modern Healthcare, the top 10 best suppliers to work for are:

    1. Medasource (Royal Oak, Michigan);
    2. Talent Plus (Lincoln, Nebraska);
    3. AristaMD (San Diego);
    4. Nordic (Madison, Wisconsin);
    5. Independent Emergency Physicians (Farmington Hills, Michigan);
    6. Burwood Group (Chicago);
    7. Host Healthcare (San Diego);
    8. HealthRise (Southfield, Mississippi);
    9. HealthScape Advisors (Chicago); and
    10. Divurgent (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

    'Healthiest Award' winners

    Among suppliers, Signature Performance won the publication's "Healthiest Award," while Melissa Memorial Hospital won among providers and insurers.

    According to Modern Healthcare, Signature offers an "attractive" health care benefits package to both full- and part-time employees who've worked at the company for at least 60 days that covers 100% of medical and life insurance premiums as well as 75-99% of dental and vision premiums. The coverage also pays 50-74% of medical, dental, and vision premiums for dependents.

    Meanwhile, Melissa Memorial takes a several of measures to address stress among its employees, Modern Healthcare reports. Trampas Hutches, the hospital's CEO, explained that the hospital's culture committee conducts regular stress surveys to determine what stresses their staff, and management then analyzes the results to see how the organization can improve.

    The hospital also aims to provide its staff with self-improvement outlets and just this year provided staff with a major discount at a local gym.

    'Millennials Award' winners

    Among providers and insurers, Hillcrest Hospital Cushing won Modern Healthcare's "Millennials Award," while LiquidAgents Healthcare won among suppliers.

    According to Modern Healthcare, LiquidAgents has a median employee age of 32 and their office is designed with their employees in mind, with features like extra USB plugs as opposed to standard electrical outlets.

    The company also often hosts free professional development classes and financial workshops to educate staff on how to manage student loan debt.

    Meanwhile, Hillcrest has made a point to build a community atmosphere, Modern Healthcare reports, hosting town halls with entertaining themes and recognizing exceptional employees.

    Hillcrest also created a community garden where staff members compete to grow crops faster and larger than their colleagues.

    'Family-Friendliest Award' winners

    Beach Cities Health District won Modern Healthcare's "Family-Friendliest Award" among providers and insurers, while Talent Plus won among suppliers.

    According to Modern Healthcare, Beach Cities provides employees with 15 vacation days after one year of employment as well as 12 weeks of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. The health district also offers free after-school and summer programs for employees' children.

    Staff at Beach Cities also receive adoption assistance, including reimbursement of agency and travel fees, as well as legal assistance. The health district has also developed a space for nursing mothers to pump and store milk in communal refrigerators. The company also provides staff with educational assistance, including up to $4,000 in tuition reimbursement for staff working a minimum of 30 hours a week.

    At Talent Plus, teleworking is not stigmatized and is often even encouraged in cases of inclement weather or if an employee simply needs to be at home for personal reasons, according to Talent Plus' Chief Communications Officer Cydney Koukol.

    Talent Plus also offers summer and after-school programs for employees' children and a lactation facility for new mothers. New mothers are also given supplies for a breast pump in a gift bag once they return to work.

    In addition, at Talent Plus, employees on day one receive unlimited sick days, and after one year of employment they're eligible for unlimited vacation and personal days (Best Places to Work 2019, Modern Healthcare, accessed 9/27; Bradach, Modern Healthcare, 9/26 [1]; Bradach, Modern Healthcare, 9/26 [2]; Bradach, Modern Healthcare, 9/26 [3]).

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