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September 20, 2019

The 25 'Highest Paying Jobs.' (Hint: 6 are in health care.)

Daily Briefing

    Glassdoor this week released its 2019 list of the 25 "Highest Paying Jobs" in the United States, and six are in health care.



    For the list, Glassdoor identified the 25 highest paying jobs using a proprietary statistical algorithm that estimates annual median base pay, controlling for factors like location and seniority.

    Glassdoor only included jobs that received at least 100 salary reports from U.S.-based employers between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. The report accounts for "job title normalization," whereby similar job titles are grouped together. The report did not include C-suite-level jobs.

    The Highest Paying Jobs

    Health care professions made up six of the top 25 highest paying jobs and five of the top 10.

    Physician was the highest paid job on the list, at a median base salary of $193,415. Along with physician, the other five health care occupations on Glassdoor's list, with their ranking noted, are:

    1. Pharmacy manager ($144,768);
    2. Dentist ($142,478);
    3. Pharmacist ($126,438);
    4. Physician assistant ($113,855); and
    5. Nurse practitioner ($109,481) ("Highest Paying Jobs," Glassdoor, accessed 9/19; Liu, CNBC, 9/18).

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