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March 14, 2018

The biggest innovators in health care, according to Fast Company

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    Fast Company has released its 2018 edition of its "World's Most Innovative Companies" list, which recognizes more than 350 enterprises, including dozens involved in health care.

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    The latest list covers 36 categories and recognizes the 10 most innovative companies in each category, with an overall list of the top 50 most innovative companies curated from the category-specific lists. To compile the lists, more than three dozen Fast Company "editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of companies" to "identify the most notable innovations of the year, and trace their impact on businesses, industries, and the larger culture."


    The overall list recognizes Apple as No. 1, "for delivering the future today," followed by Netflix (No. 2) and Square (No. 3).

    In the publication's health care-specific category, the 10 most innovative companies are:

    1. CVS Health, for building a health-focused brand through use of innovative digital tools, its retail clinical subsidiary MinuteClinic, and bringing healthier food choices to and eliminating cigarettes from its stores;
    2. 23andMe, for "democratizing" patients' access to their genetic data;
    3. Color, for helping reduce the price of genetic testing for hereditary cancer;
    4. Veritas Genetics, for making whole genome sequencing accessible on a mass scale;
    5. Helix, for creating a genetic testing "one-stop shop";
    6. Maven Clinic, a maternity plan for employers that gives new parents on-demand access to physical and mental health care providers via a mobile application;
    7. Qventus, for providing artificial intelligence services to hospitals;
    8. Glooko, for its diabetes management app;
    9. Emocha Mobile Health, for its medication management app; and
    10. Dosist, for medical marijuana dosing information.

    In the biotech category, the 10 most innovative companies are:

    1. Novartis, for its revolutionary cancer drug, Kymriah;
    2. OneOme, for its RightMed gene-based drug matching test;
    3. GE Healthcare, for its new mammography system that gives patients the ability to adjust compression during an exam;
    4. Syapse, for its health data-sharing platform;
    5. Sophia Genetics, for its noninvasive biopsy alternative;
    6. Spark Therapeutics, for its gene therapy blindness treatment, Luxturna;
    7. Biogen, for finding a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy;
    8. Synthego, for making CRISPR gene editing more efficient;
    9. WuXi NextCo, for building a genomics database; and
    10. Ginkgo Bioworks, for accelerating the manufacturing process of useful microbes.

    Additionally, Fast Company recognized several organizations that are involved in health care within other categories of its rankings, including:

    • Doximity, for hearing clinicians' needs and helping them solve their problems;
    • Fiverr, a marketplace that connects freelancers with affordable health care;
    • Genentech, for funding the Science Garage, a site in San Francisco with state-of-the-art equipment to engage students in STEM learning;
    • ICRAVE, a design firm that has reconceived design in certain stressful spaces, such as hospital waiting rooms;
    • Insightec, for its MR-guided focused ultrasound;
    • MindBody, a management software company focused on the health and wellness industry;
    • mPharma, an e-prescription startup that serves patients in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe by connecting patients, providers, and pharmacies in the cloud to empower "mom-and-pop" pharmacies;
    • Narayana Health, a network of hospitals in India that has expanded access to care and has ramped up its use of nuclear medicine;
    • NBBJ, an architecture firm that develops health-minded environments for institutional clients, including hospitals;
    • NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, which has significantly cut the length of ED visits through use of artificial intelligence and telemedicine;
    • Planned Parenthood Federation of America, for developing "tech-savvy ways" to connect patients with services;
    • ReWalk, for helping stroke patients regain mobility;
    • uBiome, for improving HPV and STI testing by building a cache of gut data;
    • Well+Good, a media company focused on creating content related to health and wellness; and
    • Zebra Medical Vision, for providing medical imaging scans for $1 apiece (Fast Company [1], accessed 3/9; Fast Company [2]; accessed 3/9; CVS press release, 2/20; Fast Company methodology page, 2/19).

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