Professional development

The Advisory Board’s commitment to lifelong learning is reflected in the many opportunities for personal and professional growth that we provide to staff at every level.

Individualized Plan for Development

Each Advisory Board employee has an individual development plan that maps out a path based on their desired career trajectory and personal learning goals.

  • An array of practical, proven methods and models are available to help with self-assessment, consideration of various options, and practical planning.
  • Managers and career coaches help each person focus on the areas of greatest interest, select the right educational opportunities, build relevant networks, connect with potential mentors, and identify suitable internship opportunities.

ABC University

Advisory Board University (ABC U) is the firm’s main internal learning platform.

ABC U offers more than 120 training courses annually, focused on firm strategy, industry knowledge, and skill development. Staff across all levels and functions are encouraged to take part in learning that is relevant to their current roles and to explore topics of interest for general professional development.

Most ABC U courses are taught by Advisory Board staff and subject matter experts, both in-person and via video webinar.

Download the ABC U brochure to learn more.

Manager Development

  • Management Fundamentals provides important knowledge and skills for those in leadership roles, including coaching, communication, and performance management.
  • The Management Portal is an internal online forum where managers share ideas, learn best practices, and access proven tools and templates.
  • Leadership Roundtables offer discussion and exercises on advanced topics.
  • Tip of the Week emails profile best-in-class techniques and advice from management experts.

Senior Leader Development

  • Public speaking courses and coaching by Advisory Board Company faculty
  • Online access to business school curriculum
  • Executive coaching for targeted skill development
  • Executive mentoring
  • Role sculpting with stretch opportunities in areas of interest.
  • Pro bono consulting  for area non-profits with senior managers sharing (and honing) their professional skills with leaders of local community organizations

Women in Leadership

A multi-year program of executive skill development, coaching, and career planning for a small cohort of experienced women leaders from across the business.

Advisory Board Fellowship

A year-long program of networking and skill development for a select group of emerging leaders from across the firm.

Associate Development Series

Next-level skill development, future career opportunities and executive networking for entry level staff.

Associate Career Fair

Opportunity for entry level staff to connect with those who have successfully advanced to senior-level roles.

Professional Development Series

An ongoing series of skill-building seminars to bolster professional skills and knowledge of business basics.

Internships and Mentorships

Formal arrangements may be made for associates to spend time shadowing, working, or interning in roles of possible future interest across various divisions of the firm.

Signature Weeks

All ABC employees are invited to keep up and learn more about the firm’s growing suite of products and services at regular events featuring key firm leaders and experts who explain and demonstrate our offerings.