Why a diverse, inclusive workplace matters to us

We’re focused on creating an inclusive, dynamic, and diverse work environment. We value and celebrate different perspectives not only to create a vibrant workplace for our existing staff but also to attract the mission-driven, talented individuals who will make Advisory Board even stronger.

Our vision for diversity and inclusion

Advisory Board staff in action

Research has shown that a diverse, inclusive workforce is more productive and innovative.

It has also revealed that without intentional and explicit actions, traditionally underrepresented groups remain disadvantaged in the corporate world.

That’s why we’re striving for a workplace that:

  • Values differences in opinion and embraces everyone’s unique perspective
  • Allows employees to bring their full selves to work each day
  • Acknowledges biases as a part of the human experience, but guards against them negatively impacting productivity, engagement and innovation
  • Is full of empathy, respect, and inclusivity with respect to our colleagues, members, and community
  • Has a strong firm culture that continually grows and adapts to reflect new viewpoints

At the highest level, these principles shape Advisory Board's culture. Our core values have always been essential to our success, especially our commitment to service and our spirit of generosity.

Our employees align with this culture and contribute to it. We welcome and encourage new insights—fresh ideas that spark meaningful improvements. As a result, our culture evolves continuously to reflect the diversity of thought, experience, and identity our employees represent.

How we nurture our people

Advisory Board invests in programs that recruit, retain, and support our diverse staff so we can nurture high-potential talent of various backgrounds and experiences. We seek to promote and support diversity through programs such as:

Working here

A group of LGBTQ staff and allies focused on affirming a culture supportive of unique LGBTQ issues and committed to fostering workplace equality for our employees and the broader LGBTQ community.

People of Color Affinity Group
A resource group that provides personal and professional support for people of color, and serves as a forum to share feedback and ideas with senior leadership on how to enhance the experience of people of color at the firm.

Women@Advisory was created to ensure that the Advisory Board continues to be a compelling, competitive, and sustainable place for smart, career-minded women to stay, thrive, and advance in leadership.

Advisory Board aims to continually evolve our diversity and inclusion programs and goals. Discussions around sensitive topics such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health, and societal structural inequality are difficult ones, but we pledge to address these challenges head-on to ensure that all employees can bring their full selves to work and feel that their unique contribution to the firm's mission and culture is valued.

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