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The 10 most-read VBC blog posts of 2022

By Sophia HurrBen Palmer

January 13, 2023

    Throughout 2022, value-based care was one of the most popular topics Advisory Board's blog covered. From bundled payments to commercial risk to the social determinants of health, here are last year’s 10 most-read blogs related to VBC.

    1. You're afraid of change, not value-based care

    What's stopping the healthcare industry from getting to meaningful risk? According to 44 healthcare executives, a lot of it comes down to fear. Read on to learn about the four fears executives believe the industry must define and overcome to make progress in VBC.

    2. It's hard to move VBC forward when nobody understands what you mean

    VBC is a buzzword. Which makes it easy to assume everyone is on the same page and then momentum falls apart when partners have different expectations. The solution, align your definition of VBC around what you and your partners will accomplish.

    3. 6 mistakes you'll make with VBC (and how to avoid them)

    After having a lot of conversations about advancing value-based care (VBC), Advisory Board's Daniel Kuzmanovich outlines six common mistakes providers make when approaching VBC and how you can avoid them.

    4. Expert takes: Are bundled payments value-based care?

    It's easy to assume bundled payments are value-based care, many do. But in a recent conversation between Advisory Board experts, we found ourselves at odds. Our main takeaway? It's more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

    5. Back to basics on VBC

    Is healthcare as an industry on the same page when it comes to value-based care? Advisory Board's Daniel Kuzmanovich thinks the answer is no, which is why he's outlining exactly what VBC is, how to do it successfully, and what the future of VBC looks like.

    6. The 2 words that get us in the most trouble with VBC

    The words "risk" and "demand destruction" are commonly used in value-based care. Advisory Board's Megan Clark and Wes Campbell discuss why those in the healthcare industry should be careful not to assume everyone has a shared definition of the terms.

    7. Can Marvel films help us understand the future of VBC?

    Health systems around the world are moving towards value-based care—but taking four distinct approaches. Advisory Board International's Vidal Seegobin explores how Marvel's "multiverse" may help us understand how value-based care is taking shape across different markets.

    8. How you know the data is good enough to act

    Data (the biggest, broadest definition) is often the elephant in the room of our VBC conversations. As one executive asked: "how do you know the data is good enough to act?" Here's what six Advisory Board experts think.

    9. 4 insights on the current (and future) state of commercial risk

    In June, we almost broke our webinar platform when we discussed the future of commercial risk. Nearly 1,000 people joined, and the chat was flooded with interesting questions and perspectives. Here are the top four insights we dug into.

    10. 3 takeaways for health plans on addressing SDOH

    We conducted a market scan of what health plans are doing to address social determinants of health. If we want to foster meaningful change in the health equity space, it's important we take a closer look at health plan initiatives. Our analysis revealed three insights that can help health plans assess and improve their performance.

    Value-based care should be more than a buzzword by now

    imageCommercial risk will either tip the industry towards value-based care or keep us in a world of hybrid incentives. It’s complicated, but is it possible? We think so. Learn how you can help push us towards a new cost and quality standard.

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