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The 12 Covid-19 situations hospital leaders should prepare for now

March 17, 2020

    The novel coronavirus poses significant clinical and operational challenges for hospital leaders. As projections about the severity and duration of global and domestic outbreaks evolve, leaders in the United States should look to early experiences in China, Italy, and Seattle to prepare.

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    In each of these geographies, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities saw a rapid surge in diagnosed cases—resulting in a strain on critical care capacity and the health care work force, quick depletion of essential protection and prevention supplies, and growth in the number of avoidable deaths.

    The latest projections suggest similar surges are in store for other parts of the United States—and already we are seeing that evidence, with cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, exceeding 800 in New York.

    Scenario plan now for difficult conditions

    As hospital leaders implement their emergency response plans, it's vital to consider worst case scenarios: How do you respond to staffing and supply shortages? How do you coordinate with other providers in your area? To help leaders pressure test their preparedness planning efforts and check for potential blind spots, we created a COVID-19 scenario planning guide.

    The guide breaks down 12 potential scenarios that could unfold during the new coronavirus outbreak and any community outbreak hospitals may face in the future. We've arranged the 12 scenarios hospital leaders are most likely to face across four categories:

    1. Facility capacity and supplies;

    2. Staff capacity and resilience;

    3. Community coordination; and

    4. Financial management.

    Your top resources for coronavirus readiness


    You're no doubt being inundated with a ton of information on how to prepare for possible patients with COVID-19. To help you ensure the safety of your staff and patients, we pulled together the available resources on how to safely manage and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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