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Maturity model for reducing health disparities


    Advisory Board experts developed this model based on dozens of interviews with health system leaders and an extensive literature search. Use this tool if you’re looking to start addressing and investing in advancing equity. C-suite executives and health equity leaders at both the system and facility level should consult this tool as they evaluate and implement their health system’s equity strategy.

    How to use this tool

    For each dimension, determine which stage most accurately describes your organization’s current state. Progression is additive as you move right across a dimension, meaning an organization that is “moving the market forward” has executed on the guidance across all four columns within a given area. We recommend prioritizing where your organization should focus based on where you already have natural strengths or are already making investments. Most organizations will find its feasible to focus on two to three dimensions at a time. The maturity model is in a common order of progression. However, reducing health disparities is not a rigid, step-wise path. Also, although organizations will likely address the areas listed first in the model below, all the facets of health equity are important. Addressing each area is essential for an effective strategy.

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