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2021 Advisory Board hospital turnover and vacancy benchmarks

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    We strongly recommend looking first at the overall benchmarks from the full cohort of hospitals (starting on slide 8). These benchmarks have the most robust sample size and offer a good perspective on the hospital workforce nationally.

    To compare your own organization’s performance to these benchmarks, be sure to calculate each metric using the definitions starting on slide 3 – there are many ways to calculate metrics like turnover that can lead to substantially different numbers.

    You can look at narrower slices of the data for additional perspective. Look at the data cuts for the relevant region (starting on slide 24) and bed size (starting on slide 41) to see how the metrics for these peer groups compare to the national data set. However, keep in mind these sample sizes are, by definition, much smaller. They can provide helpful directional feedback about how region or bed size may correlate with different rates, but they are nowhere near as robust as the full data set.

    The health care labor market has changed dramatically across the pandemic. Looking at the trends in the data from the last 15 years (starting on slide 57) provides historic context on how key metrics have changed.

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