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Fight burnout by integrating self-care into clinician workflow

    In the past few years, frontline resilience has been one of our most popular topics—and for good reason! Clinicians continue to be stressed, overworked, and burned out, often due to the challenging work environment.

    While many leaders are making progress on this topic, one key challenge persists: clinicians and leaders know the importance of sustaining their own wellness, but they often feel they don’t have time to take a moment for themselves. Put another way, clinicians almost always prioritize patient care over self-care.

    If we want to encourage clinicians to prioritize their own wellness, they need self-care tools that are quick, accessible, and fit into their workflow. We talked to three organizations that have done this well. Read on to learn how staff are accessing, utilizing, and benefiting from a variety of wellness self-management tools.

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