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Cutting through the hype of big data and AI

    Almost every day, tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon are in the spotlight for using their proprietary data or AI capabilities to revolutionize health care – but is the impact as imminent as it’s hyped up to be? What are the real possibilities, and what should medical leaders focus on today?

    At Advisory Board’s 2019 Cross-Industry Value Summit, we convened a cohort of leaders from payer, provider, life sciences, and evaluator organizations to better understand the challenges and opportunities for non-traditional sources of health care data (e.g., social media data from Facebook, Twitter, and Google) to demonstrate medical value. Despite the promise tech giants hold, the discussion highlighted that medical leaders’ most successful investments in big data and AI today are in more consistent uses of EHR and claims data, alongside robust analytic capabilities.

    This briefing outlines key takeaways that emerged from Advisory Board’s research, our expert advisors, and the live Summit discussion.

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