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How to embed equity considerations into existing strategic priorities

    Many organizations working toward equity for their patient or employee populations begin by creating a shared equity goal across the leadership team. This is an important step to reinforce that every leader has a role in advancing patient or workforce equity. But leaders may view this equity goal as separate from their day-to-day work or an important but “extra” responsibility, disconnected from their day jobs or falling outside of their real purview.

    The truth is that every leader can significantly advance—or hold back—progress on equity in the work they lead. To help leaders understand their role in advancing equity, embed equity considerations into the strategic priorities for which leaders are already responsible. For example, if a clinical leader is responsible for reducing care variation, consider embedding a goal to reduce disparities in clinician adherence to care protocols by patient race.

    This picklist outlines what this can look like across several key health care leadership roles, from the chief executive officer to the chief marketing officer. Use the picklist to draw inspiration for your own strategic priorities and goals for each of these functions.

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