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Communicating with patients amid Covid-19

    Consumers are eager for credible information about Covid-19, when and how to seek various types of health care services, and what to expect if they do require in-person care. Yet many health systems are providing less frequent information or less detailed safety information than companies and service providers in other industries. As a result, many consumers are deferring care of all types. 

    In fact, 70% of consumers are very or somewhat concerned about contracting the novel coronavirus if they go to a facility for care unrelated to Covid-19. Additionally, only 15% of consumers report that they would be comfortable entering their local hospital for a medical procedure immediately after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. 

    To meet the health care needs of the community, health care leaders must invest more aggressively in external communications that establish or reinforce the reputation of the organization as a trusted source of information; provide comfort, reassurance, and meaningful details; and give consumers a channel for airing questions and concerns. 

    The attached guide includes details to consider when crafting messages for consumers, example communications from health care providers and companies in other industries, and insight into what makes a message effective.

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