Care Management 101

    About this Webinar

    For many organizations, care management beyond the hospital starts with developing an ambulatory high-risk care management program focused on transitions of care. Providers committed to value-based care often expand their services to also target care management resources to rising- and low-risk patient populations. Each care model targets a different population, requires different levels of resourcing, and varies by goals.

    Regardless of which care programs your organization has already invested in, they should all include foundational care model design elements that drive successful outcomes. This includes answering questions about how to staff the care team, where to deploy resources, and how to assign patients to care teams.

    This Care Management 101 webconference provides an introductory review of the five key attributes of effective care management organizations—from patient recruitment through graduation.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • How successful population health managers organize their care delivery networks
    • Organizational milestones for advancing care management program planning
    • Five attributes of effective care management organizations


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