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Topics: Physician Issues, Employee Engagement, Workforce

You can’t buy ‘buy-in’

The shift toward accountable care and new payment mechanisms has put new emphasis on physician engagement, but hospitals and health systems are struggling to achieve those partnerships, finding that better alignment of financial incentives is simply not enough. Economics alone cannot overcome the entrenched practice patterns and mindsets that obstruct collaboration and integration.

Only engagement in the larger organization’s well-being and strategic objectives can cement physicians’ trust that a commitment to the organization will best advance their personal goals, too. There is also a demonstrated connection between staff engagement and key performance measures for today’s tougher operating environment—from reduced operating costs to revenue growth to service quality.

What is the Physician Engagement Initiative?

The Physician Engagement Initiative pairs a rigorous and action-oriented survey platform with a suite of change management resources to engage physicians in improving organizational performance and advancing strategic goals.

Our Services

‘Right’ survey construction

20+ recommended survey questions combined with strategies for maximizing response rate.

Sophisticated analytics

Online results reporting site generated for each organization that enables custom data cuts and provides algorithms to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.

Outcomes-focused dedicated advisor

A dedicated consultant who maximizes the initiative’s value for each member by identifying promising improvement opportunities, recommending best practices, presenting results, and unlocking specialized expertise and networking opportunities.

Implementation expertise and support

Experts in survey planning and administration, data analytics, and organizational change management to assist with best-practice implementation.

National cohort of like-minded leaders

Access to, and networking with, other physician leaders eager to share insights, strategies, and lessons learned. The cohort fuels both one-on-one interactions and case studies highlighted in member webconferences.

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