Do Your Nurses Have a Problem with Problem Solving?

Enhance critical thinking skills to generate lasting solutions

Does your nursing staff always seem to be “putting out fires”? With all the situations and problems that arise within the hospital each day, leaders often feel caught in a treadmill of daily “fire-fighting” where expediency and the demands of the hour win out over critical and creative thinking. However, over time these problems inevitably recur and force leaders into a cycle of short-term fixes and flare-ups.

Put an end to this destructive cycle and equip your staff to approach these problems with strategic, long-term solutions. Join us for a complimentary webconference to learn how to equip your nursing workforce with effective critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We will review:

  • How critical thinking at the individual level impacts organizational performance
  • Constructive problem framing versus the easy answer
  • How to build critical thinking skills amongst nursing staff

More Information

This webconference is open to all hospital and health system executives. For more information, please contact Kate Myers at or 202-266-6828. Advisory Board members at non-hospital organizations, please contact

Please note, a valid hospital email address is required to process registration.

Topics: Leadership, Workforce, Efficiency, Performance Improvement, Nursing, Productivity, Process Improvement, Management Tools, Quality, Collaborative Relationships, Physician Issues, Frontline Accountability, Strategic Alignment

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