About Frontline Impact

Topics: Project-Based Learning, Skill Development, Workforce, Mentoring and Coaching, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Nursing

What is the Frontline Impact partnership?

The front line is an untapped source of innovation and improvement. Our Frontline Impact partnership unleashes frontline staff’s ideas and latent potential to drive innovation and change.

We combine structured project work, classroom learning, and local coaching to enable frontline staff to conceive and implement meaningful, measurable improvement initiatives in their areas of influence.  Our approach produces both concrete improvements and remarkable leadership growth.

Our Services

Performance improvement projects

At the launch of each cohort, we work with your executive team to identify participants and scope their project work. Across the two-year engagement, frontline participants design and execute two performance improvement projects.

Skill-building workshops

We supplement this project work with four full-day onsite skill-building workshops and accompanying workbooks that contain timelines, tools, and checklists to reinforce learning and manage project work between sessions.

Coaching and support

Participants also receive continual support from coaches, who attend a coaching skills workshop, receive assessment tools to monitor participant progress, and have regular access to faculty consultation.

Results summit

Following project completion, participants, executives, and faculty convene for a faculty-led results summit to share successes, recognize individual contributions, and discuss how to maintain performance gains. Additionally, all participants are eligible for our international Frontline Impact Award.

e-Learning modules

The Advisory Board Talent Development partnerships offer access to more than 40 focused tutorials through the health care services edition of Harvard ManageMentor Plus, a highly interactive e-learning platform. These modules address an array of common challenges faced by managers in the health care setting and complement our workshops and intensives.

Deep Experience and Expertise

Through our partnerships, we have worked with more than 10,000 frontline participants and facilitated more than 4,000 projects. Our faculty has extensive experience teaching to a frontline audience and supporting successful project work.

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