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Survey-dependent approach making success difficult

Survey findings should play a part in driving employee engagement, but a survey is not a strategy. Efforts to enfranchise employees in performance improvement often fall short without attention to change readiness, HR capacity, and executive commitment. Frontline leaders, meanwhile, end up drowning in survey data and unable to focus.

What is the Employee Engagement Initiative?

EEI Dynamic CrosswalkHR executives challenged us to offer an alternative to their longstanding—and costly—arrangements for improving employee engagement. Rather than starting with the development of a survey, we started with what hospitals and health systems want to achieve.

Building on more than two decades of experience helping organizations effect change, the Employee Engagement Initiative enables hospitals and health systems to identify and prioritize their largest engagement opportunities and drive improvement through survey analytics and proven best practices.

Our Services

We have isolated what truly determines engagement and have developed all of our services, tools, and survey questions to prioritize those factors.

Tailored “switch” support

Customized mapping of legacy survey data to Advisory Board best-practice support.

Sophisticated analytics

Online results reporting site generated for each organization that enables custom data cuts and provides algorithms to identify and prioritize top improvement opportunities.

Access to best practices

Hundreds of proven best practices for engaging employees and implementing change.

Outcomes-focused dedicated advisor

A dedicated consultant focused on maximizing the initiative’s value for individual members. The dedicated advisor identifies the most promising improvement opportunities, recommends best practices, presents results, and unlocks specialized expertise and networking opportunities.

Implementation expertise and support

Experts in survey planning and administration, data analytics, and organizational change management assist with implementation of best practices.

National cohort of like-minded leaders

Access to, and networking with, other HR executives and operational managers eager to share insights, strategies, and lessons learned. The cohort fuels both one-on-one interactions and case studies highlighted in member webconferences and an annual summit.

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