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Physician Practice Roundtable


The Physician Practice Roundtable is a membership-based research service that distills best practice insights from independent medical groups across the country to help you strengthen your organization.

We provide strategic guidance to accelerate your board decisions and medical group growth.

Our ready-made tools to drive practice efficiency help pinpoint opportunities where you can improve, and our popular toolkits help accelerate implementation of common medical group initiatives, like maximizing ROI of APPs and mastering physician recruitment.

Build your physician leadership capacity with our ready-to-use slides and cheat sheets to win physician buy-in for change. Enrich your physician leadership program with our interactive workshops and on-demand content on popular topics like group decision-making.

Membership benefits
Member-driven research

Inform decisions through reports, webinars, and presentations

Diagnostic tools and analytics

Use our forecasting tools to understand your market dynamics

Facilitated education sessions

Choose which presentation we share with your team

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