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February 8, 2021

Weekly review: When will the Covid-19 epidemic end? Here are the good, bad, and ugly scenarios.

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    Why new coronavirus variants are emerging now, what recent research says about the link between Covid-19 and diabetes, and more.

    When will the Covid-19 epidemic end? Here are the good, bad, and ugly scenarios. (Monday, February 1)

    "When will life get back to 'normal'?" As Advisory Board's Brandi Greenberg writes, there's still no clear answer to that question, but three distinct scenarios are becoming clearer. Here are the odds she assigns to "good," "bad," and "ugly" possibilities—and how health care stakeholders can prepare for each one.

    New coronavirus variants keep emerging worldwide. Why now? (Tuesday, February 2)

    Although the novel coronavirus has been mutating since the pandemic's start, three newly detected variants that may make the virus more contagious and deadly have experts concerned. But why are these troublesome variants emerging now—and what do they mean for America's response?

    Can Covid-19 cause diabetes? New research turns up a troubling link. (Wednesday, February 3)

    Fourteen percent of patients who experience a severe case of Covid-19 have developed new-onset diabetes, according to a new analysis—and some of their cases don't fit cleanly into the well-known Type 1 and Type 2 categories of the disease. Here's what researchers know, and don't know, so far.

    Getting a second Covid-19 vaccine dose? Your side effects could be much more significant this time. (Thursday, February 4)

    Many people who've received two-dose Covid-19 vaccines say the second dose spurs much more significant side effects than the first, Katherine Wu reports for The Atlantic. Here's what to expect from a second dose—and why its effects are so different.

    Weekly line: The coronavirus mistakes that people (still) keep making (Friday, February 5)

    Covid-19 vaccines will play a key role in stopping the novel coronavirus pandemic, but experts say the most important tools to halt the virus have been in humans' wheelhouse since the pandemic's start—it's just a matter of using them properly, Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli writes.

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