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Workforce diversity is important. But it's only part of the solution to addressing disparities in health care.

By Karl Whitemarsh

June 8, 2021

    Across the last few months, our team interviewed dozens of CNOs about reducing disparities at the point-of-care. A clear trend emerged: CNOs' top focus is increasing workforce diversity. I'm thrilled to hear this because we know that a workforce that mirrors community demographics leads to more culturally sensitive care and a culture of advancing equity. This consensus among member CNOs is reflective of virtually all nursing organizations which consider recruitment of underrepresented groups a priority.

    The focus on diversity is well-deserved and critical for the profession, but it is not the complete solution in addressing disparities at the point-of-care. First off, it can take years to achieve "ideal" workforce demographics and we can't afford to wait that long. Second, a narrow focus on workforce diversity can put undue burden on staff members who are considered diverse. Third, diversity alone won't solve systemic issues that exist and drive pervasive inequities in our communities.

    Learn how organizations can go further

    Now is the time for provider organizations to take urgent action to address the point-of-care disparities impacting patients within their four walls beyond simply focusing all their efforts on workforce diversity. However, it's difficult to determine what role clinical leaders need to play in addressing disparities that occur during patient interactions with the health system.  

    Join us for a virtual presentation on June 22 (Atlantic session) or June 30 (Pacific session) focused on the clinical leader's role in reducing disparities at the point of care.  

    Through Advisory Board guidance, learn where to prioritize your efforts and what steps you can take to have an outsized impact on reducing disparities at the point of care. Together we will:  

    • Discuss how to make the case for increased investment to address health disparities; 
    • Explore a model for assessing organization-wide opportunities to advance health equity; and 
    • Learn executive strategies for clinical leaders to support, lead, and advocate for organizational efforts to reduce disparities at the point of care. 

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    The Clinical Leader's Role in Reducing Disparities at the Point of Care (Atlantic Session)

    June 22 | 9AM Toronto | 2PM London | 3PM Brussels | 4PM Riyadh |

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