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Our new tool lets you analyze the opioid crisis in your market: Here are 3 ways to use it

May 3, 2018

    Opioid abuse and addiction have reached epidemic proportions, affecting communities nationwide. As a result, hospitals are seeing a public health emergency manifest in EDs and inpatient beds across the country.

    Your top resources for combatting the opioid epidemic in one place

    Yet even as executives and strategic planners have made confronting the opioid epidemic a top priority, many have struggled to develop a comprehensive response. Here's how our new tool can help you craft an effective response strategy.  

    The most effective way to begin? Understand the problem.

    In collaboration with OptumLabs, a scientific research collaborative and co-innovation center supported by over 25 different partnerships with leading health care organizations, Advisory Board is proud to launch the Opioid Population Profiler, an analytic tool prepopulated with county-level data from the OptumLabs clinical warehouse.

    Planners can use the tool to aid their opioid strategy in three ways:

    1. Learn new key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the crisis in your market

    The opioid epidemic crosses the breadth of the health care continuum, which, until now, has made it difficult for planners to know how to track the problem in their market or measure effectiveness of their interventions. 

    By leveraging the expertise of national public health experts, including representatives from CDC and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), OptumLabs developed and tested 29 claims-based, opioid-specific KPIs. They then organized these metrics into four domains:

      1. Prevention;
      2. Pain management;
      3. Opioid use disorder treatment; and
      4. Maternal, infant, and child health.

    The Opioid Population Profiler is organized around these four domains, and their constituent KPIs, granting users insight into how the opioid epidemic is impacting their specific market.  

    2. Benchmark the status of the opioid epidemic within your market and against other regions

    Users can also compare how their market is performing across each county in their region; the tool's map view provides a clear visual comparison for any of the four domains or individual KPIs. Additionally, users can benchmark their market performance against other regions or the nation.   

    3. Zero-in on specific areas of improvement

    The tool pinpoints the domains and individual KPIs where a specific region has the most room to improve. For every KPI, the tool automatically compares your selected market against the national target for that specific metric, and quickly shows which metrics are furthest from the target. In this way, planners can effectively prioritize health system resources in the clinical areas where an intervention could produce the greatest dividends.


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