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Why providers are dragging their feet with virtual care

June 16, 2017 | Health Data Management

Recently, health technology investor Malay Gandhi said, "telehealth is a runaway, unassailable trend that will become the predominant way people receive care." If that could be the future, then why does today look so different? One important reason: Despite the well-documented benefits of virtual access to care—improved access to providers, greater efficiency and flexibility, comparable care outcomes—hundreds of interviews with health care leaders reveal a common roadblock to growing a mature program: physician resistance, Advisory Board’s Emily Zuehlke and Tom Cassels write.

Bending the cost curve on high-risk patients

June 10, 2017 | Modern Healthcare

More health plans are beginning to address patients' nonclinical social determinants of health, like housing or meals, which are critical in the Medicaid and Medicare Advantage populations, Advisory Board’s Rachel Sokol told Shelby Livingston.

Retail clinic pros and cons: Impact on healthcare spending

June 8, 2017 | Managed Healthcare Executive

Most health system executives have a hard time determining whether they should compete or collaborate with retail clinics, Advisory Board’s Zach Hafner told Aine Cryts.

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Virtual Visits with Medical Specialists Draw Strong Consumer Demand, Survey Shows

June 19, 2017
In the future, we may look back on physician practice waiting rooms with nostalgia as more care is received through virtual visits, such as telehealth. That future is becoming less distant, according to a new Virtual Visits Consumer Choice Survey from Advisory Board.

Advisory Board's Dennis Weaver Shares Real-World Experience in Value-Based Care Success

May 10, 2017
Despite uncertainty over the specific outcomes of current health care reform efforts, hospitals and health systems can still plan on a future that includes the need to succeed under accountable payment and value-based care models, Dennis Weaver, MD, MBA, told an audience at the World Health Care Congress.

The Advisory Board Company Aligns Health Care Capabilities to Enhance Efficiency and Drive Future Growth

January 3, 2017
The Advisory Board Company today announced the details of a restructuring plan in its health care business that is designed to focus the company's health care technology and consulting capabilities on three key problem areas where hospitals and health systems require comprehensive and continuous support.

Employers, Educators, Policymakers Collaborate to Outline Pathway to Middle Class through Health Care Careers

Decenber 21, 2016
The Advisory Board Company believes that there is an opportunity for education institutions to partner with employers to provide the training that health systems often develop on their own academic programs.

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