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We forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of leaders. Then, in three critical areas, we provide you with the technology and consulting solutions needed to hardwire best practices.
  • Keeping research at the core
  • Driving health system growth
  • Reducing care variation
  • Optimizing the Revenue Cycle

For three decades, our research has been the health care industry’s guiding light, bringing members closer to best practice performance.

Through our comprehensive platform, we give every level of your organization a shortcut to truly proven strategies—along with training, tools, and expert support to efficiently drive results.

Featured Blog Post

How cancer teams let down my friend—and what I hope they learn from it

After watching a colleague and a health care expert navigate breast cancer treatment last year, Lindsay Conway was dismayed to see how her care missed the mark. Here is her friend's story, which she hopes will be instructive for cancer center leaders looking to provide a more coherent and coordinated care experience. Read the post.

Growth is no longer a given—it's achieved, through careful network design, patient acquisition, and customer retention.

See what other hospitals have done and draw on their success in ways that work for you. Map out your ideal network. Build and acquire the assets you need. Become consumers’ destination of choice—for the long haul.

“Members of all shapes and sizes engage us with one objective in mind: to move beyond legacy competitor‑centric strategies toward customer‑centric approaches to growth.”

—Tom Cassels
National Partner, Advisory Board

We’ve helped thousands of hospitals provide more reliable care, and we can help you find, and systematically correct, the decisions that lead to avoidable complications and waste. Our approach doesn’t ignore the frustrating realities of practicing medicine. Instead, we help you reduce burdensome alerts and inefficient protocols, so you can get back to healing patients.

Together, we’ll align your clinical stakeholders, design and embed care standards, and achieve the adherence needed to elevate quality and reduce costs.

Featured Resource

Two ways to identify clinical variation

How should you prioritize your opportunities to reduce care variation? Download this infographic to learn the two ways to examine variation and see examples of each approach. Download now.

You’ve made so many investments to boost efficiency, meet changing payment requirements, and tackle the latest threat to revenue performance. Yet, your margin—and your ability to meet your mission—are still at risk.

We provide a single point of engagement to address your full range of revenue cycle needs, from a single process to a complete transformation. We’ve helped the nation’s biggest (and smallest) hospitals regain solid footing and ensure continued success—now it’s your turn.

Featured Blog Post

How to build a revenue cycle that works for your patients

It’s no surprise that most hospitals have designed their revenue cycle to fit their own workflows. But making things easy for ourselves is no longer enough. Read on to learn how management can provide clinicians with the knowledge and skills to speak the language of health system finance. Read the post.

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