2019 Health Policy Outlook

    About this Webinar

    In the wake of last year's repeal-and-replace debate, policymakers at HHS and CMS have deployed a variety of administrative and regulatory tools to advance the GOP's health reform agenda. And with health policy a central issue in the impending midterm elections, the debate around larger-scale legislative reform is coming back to the forefront. Join a panel of Advisory Board experts to get our take on how the elections will--and won't--impact the outlook for health policy in 2019 and beyond.

    Things You’ll Learn:

    • What health care issues are being debated among current candidates
    • How different election outcomes would impact the future of health policy
    • Which reforms will continue to advance regardless of election outcomes

    Presenters: Thomas Seay, Rob Lazerow, Yulan Egan, and Rachel Sokol

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