Imaging Price Shift Calculator

Updated for 2019: Version 2.1

Today's outpatient imaging market is increasingly shaped by payer steerage and consumer demand for lower-priced services. At the same time, the new site-neutral payment policy is reducing Medicare reimbursement for certain hospital-owned facilities.

To respond to these trends, many imaging leaders are evaluating the potential impact of offering more competitive prices in their outpatient facilities.

This tool allows organizations to assess the potential impact of three types of price changes on total imaging revenue:

  • What happens if you change the list price for one or more imaging services?
  • How would a change in Medicare fee schedules for a given facility (e.g., from hospital to provider rate, or from hospital outpatient to the site-neutral rate), with or without an accompanying list price change, impact your revenue?
  • How would a change in negotiated rates between your organization and a payer affect your net revenue?

Using data you provide, the tool will produce the following outputs:

  • Projected total annual current and future revenue for each modality, taking into account your payer mix and contract rates
  • The net revenue impact of price changes
  • The absolute and percentage volume growth required to break even if you change your list price

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