The manager's guide to BBI

8 resources to help you make the right hires

Done right, behavioral-based interviewing is a powerful predictor of future job performance. But the technique can be tricky, requiring thoughtful questions and thorough training.

Here are some of our most helpful resources for hiring managers.

1. Make sure you understand the what and why of BBI

See why so many organizations are using the technique, what’s involved, and our answers to the most frequently asked BBI questions. Learn more

2. Develop your interview templates

Learn how to run a BBI-planning focus group, use the Behavioral-Based Interview Builder to translate job functions into BBI questions, and ensure consistent evaluations using our BBI Evaluation Template. Create your templates

3. Test your ability to pick the right questions

See how well you can distinguish between open-ended, legally appropriate, behavioral-based, and unsatisfactory questions. Take the self-test

4. Get interviewing tips

Learn how to deal with difficult candidates and improve your BBI performance. See the tips

5. Learn how to kick off a BBI interview

Use this sample scripting to set your candidates at ease at the opening of the interview and explain the purpose of the BBI process. Get the script

6. See how to lead a smooth conversation

Go from interrogational to conversational with these question openers and transitional phrases that can be used to vary the structure of a BBI session. Download the guide

7. Expand your collection of follow-up questions

This cheat sheet will ensure you’re practicing active listening and asking smart follow-up questions to elicit the full picture of candidates’ experience. See the questions

8. Plan for a successful team interview

See the additional steps needed when BBI is conducted by multiple interviewers for the same candidate. Get the tips

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