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Stuart is a Managing Director and a national spokesperson for Advisory Board. In this capacity, he presents the firm’s findings on frontier strategic and clinical best practices.

Stuart’s areas of research include general hospital administration and management, health system economics, and health policy. He is a lecturer for the flagship Health Care Advisory Board program, in addition to the Cardiovascular Roundtable, Oncology Roundtable, Imaging Performance Partnership, and the Health Care Industry Committee.

Prior to joining Advisory Board, Stuart spent more than 15 years in management consulting and business development, representing a range of clients across the Fortune 100, and the Federal Government. Areas of expertise include management and operations strategy, security, and new market development.

He also served as a Senior Advisor to the US Departments of State and Defense, leading stability operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stuart received a BA in Political Science and International Political Economy from the University of Kansas.

Areas of expertise

Change Management, Management Tools, Performance Improvement, Health Systems, Strategy, Planning,

Stuart Clark

Managing Director

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May 7 2019

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