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Katherine Virkstis is a Managing Director for the Nursing Executive Center and the Global Centre for Nurse Executives at The Advisory Board Company. Katherine and her teams have focused on uncovering best practices in nursing, with a spotlight on clinical quality, care coordination, top-of-license practice, care delivery models, staff engagement, and strategic planning. She has authored more than 15 publications, including The High-Reliability Clinical Enterprise, Build Your Workforce from the Outside-In, Motivational Interviewing 101, Patient Decision Aids 101, Building the High-value Care Team, The National Prescription for Nurse Engagement, Achieving Top-of-License Nursing Practice, Elevating Frontline Critical Thinking, Nurse-Led Strategies for Preventing Avoidable Readmissions, Strengthening Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and Bridging the Preparation-Practice Gap.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Katherine practiced family medicine for five years in Central Vermont. She has also served as a research consultant for PinnacleCare, a Baltimore health advising firm. She has authored several articles published in various nursing journals, including Nurse Educator and Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA). Katherine also serves as a member of JONA’s editorial board.

Katherine holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland and, Oregon and a Bachelor's degree in biology with honors from the University of Vermont.

Katherine specializes specifically in high reliability, reducing labor costs, millennial retention, nurse manager overload, care continuity, future workforce planning, motivational interviewing, care model innovation, frontline engagement, patient experience, critical thinking, top-of-license practice, preventable readmissions, interprofessional collaboration, practice readiness of new graduate nurses, and strategic planning.

Areas of expertise

Workforce Planning, Workforce, Patient Experience, Quality, Performance Improvement, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Operations Skills, Skill Development, Readmissions, Collaboration,

Katherine Virkstis,

Managing Director

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