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Jennifer Stewart is a managing director with The Advisory Board Company. In that capacity she oversees the daily operations and research within the firm’s workforce terrain—including best practice research for the Nursing Executive Center and the HR Advancement Center. She facilitates interactive workforce and strategic planning sessions with executives and travels extensively sharing the firm’s workforce practices and insights.

Her areas of expertise include: nursing operations, workforce planning, staffing and nursing care delivery models, performance management, frontline accountability and engagement, service excellence, and dashboard and scorecard development. She has been the lead researcher on Advisory Board publications including: Enhancing the Patient Experience, Instilling Frontline Accountability, Perfecting the Business Partner Model, and Achieving Breakthrough Engagement. She has been published in the Journal of Nursing Administration for work on new graduate nurse preparation, frontline accountability, and critical thinking.

Prior to her work at the Advisory Board, Jennifer conducted health care market research for Bank of America, where she examined such topics as health care reform legislation, Medicare reimbursement, and market forecasts. Jennifer is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University. Her areas of study include how organizations analyze past actions and develop internal “lessons learned.”

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Jennifer Stewart

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