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Greg has more than 15 years of experience designing, building, and deploying health care IT systems for leading provider organizations across the country. Greg joined The Advisory Board Company through the acquisition of Care Team Connect (now Crimson Care Management), where he was chief technology officer.

Previously, he served as chief architect for Axolotl (now Optum HIE), one of the first and most successful public Health Information Exchange platforms, and held engineering leadership roles at Thomson Reuters Health (now Truven) and Oracle's Health and Life Sciences division.

Greg holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT and is a member of the American Medical Informatics Association and the Association for Computing Machinery. His areas of expertise span interoperability, health information exchange, business intelligence, population health, IT infrastructure, and cloud computing. He shares his passion for innovation by mentoring first-time entrepreneurs in his community.

Areas of expertise

IT, Interoperability, Health Information Exchange, Business Intelligence, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, Population Health, Market Trends, Strategy,

Greg Kuhnen

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