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As one of the firm's preeminent thought leaders in the area of health system economics and strategy, Bradford heads the faculty at the annual series of chief executive officer meetings. He is also the keynote speaker at the annual series of meetings for the firm’s flagship program, the Health Care Advisory Board. Bradford is one of the best known and most requested public speakers in the health care industry. He is a health care economist by training with a wide range of expertise in the provider industry. He has been a participant in every major Advisory Board research initiative since 1992, leaving him conversant in the history and current status of all the significant reform initiatives: coverage expansion, vertical integration and physician partnership models, managed care and payer contracting, horizontal integration and system economics of scale, and quality-based payment.

Bradford received his master's degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University and his bachelor's degree from Kenyon College. Prior to joining the firm, he worked as a management consultant for both the Hay Group and Ernst & Young.

Areas of expertise

Market Trends, Strategy, Planning, Performance Improvement,

Bradford Koles,

Vice President and National Spokesperson

Bradford's Upcoming Events

Oct 29 2020

2020 State of the Union

An overview of the most important forces and trends poised to shape the national health care landscape in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. More Register

Oct 15 2020

Up to Date

Join Ford Koles and Christopher Kerns for a spirited discussion on the biggest health care news of the day and get the answers to your most pressing questions. More Register

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