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Amanda is a senior research partner for Advisory Board. She leads research for Health Care Advisory Board, the Advisory Board’s flagship program for CEOs and strategy executives. She also works directly with executives at hospitals and health systems on complex strategy questions.

Amanda’s principal areas of expertise include hospital-physician partnerships, the business case for quality improvement under different reimbursement models, and strategies for reducing care variation. She has overseen a wide range of publications, including The Integrated Care Advantage: Securing Hospital Growth Through Reliable and Efficient Episodes of Care, Setting the Standard for Patient Care, Build a Stronger Hospital-Specialist Partnership for Outcomes, and Engaging Physicians in Patient Experience.

In addition to leading research studies, Amanda specializes in innovating within the Advisory Board’s research delivery model to ensure member executives are able to access guidance that generates real-world results.

  • Amanda helped launch the Health Care Advisory Board’s initiatives to provide tailored strategy guidance to different-in-kind institutions, such as AMCs and stand-alone community hospitals.
  • She designed two Advisory Board improvement and learning collaboratives, the Sepsis Collaborative (April 2015-2016) and the Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) Project (2009-2011).
  • Amanda recently worked with The Advisory Board’s higher education practice, EAB, to build differentiated research agendas for different segments within higher education (for example, public versus private universities).

Amanda holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University and a bachelor of arts from Middlebury College. Prior to joining the Advisory Board in 2003, she worked as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Areas of expertise

Physician Issues, Efficiency, Performance Improvement, Quality, Strategy,

Amanda Berra

Senior Research Partner

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