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November 14, 2022

Weekly review: Did Amazon just accidentally announce its next big move?

Daily Briefing

    The health care initiatives that passed on the 2022 midterms, CMS updated the MPFS and OPPS, and more.

    CMS just updated the MPFS and OPPS. Here's what you need to know. (Monday, November 7)

    CMS earlier this month released two final rules updating the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the Outpatient Prospective Payment System—and while experts praised some of the changes made, many argued they didn't go far enough.

    'Crisis mode': RSV surge overwhelming pediatric hospitals (Tuesday, November 8)

    Respiratory syncytial virus is currently surging across the United States, especially in young children, and pediatric hospitals are in "crisis mode" as they struggle to care for a growing number of patients.

    These health care initiatives passed on the 2022 midterms (Wednesday, November 9)

    With many states still counting votes, control of Congress remains undecided. But many health care-related ballot measures have passed throughout the United States, including proposals on abortion rights, medical debt, Medicaid expansion, and more.

    Did Amazon just accidentally announce its next big move? (Thursday, November 10)

    Amazon's company YouTube page posted—and quickly unpublished—a video describing what may be the company's next health care move: a new telehealth offering called "Amazon Clinic," Nicole Wetsman reports for The Verge. Here's what the company may have accidentally revealed, and what Advisory Board's Ty Aderhold and John League think this means for the future of Amazon.

    Half of nurses want to leave their jobs. Here's how to get them to stay. (Friday, November 11)

    As hospitals continue to struggle with staffing shortages, many nurses are growing frustrated and burnt out, and 50% are considering leaving the profession altogether, according to a new survey from OnePoll and connectRN. Here are the key findings.

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