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September 26, 2022

Weekly review: The happiest and unhappiest states in America, mapped

Daily Briefing

    Why some experts say the pandemic is not over yet, whether food sensitivity tests work, and more.

    President Biden declares the pandemic 'over,' but some experts disagree (Monday, September 19)

    President Joe Biden in an interview with "60 Minutes" earlier this month said, "the pandemic is over." However, some experts say that while "the end is in sight," the pandemic isn't over yet.

    Food sensitivity tests are all the rage. But do they really work? (Tuesday, September 20)

    At-home food sensitivity tests have become increasingly popular, but how accurate and credible are the results? Writing for the New York Times, Alice Callahan explains how these tests work and what you can (and cannot) learn from them.

    How burnout 'broke' a doctor's heart (Wednesday, September 21)

    Already struggling to help her rural patients access necessary care, the Covid-19 pandemic only further exacerbated a doctor's stress and feelings of burnout, eventually causing her heart to physically "break," Oliver Whang writes for the New York Times.

    The happiest (and unhappiest) states in America, mapped (Thursday, September 22)

    WalletHub this week released its "Happiest States in America" list for 2022, ranking Hawaii as No. 1. See how the other U.S. states compared on our interactive map.

    What's next after the omicron variant? (Friday, September 23)

    Throughout the pandemic, the coronavirus has rapidly mutated, leading to variants that spread more quickly and evade immunity. Last year, omicron became the 13th named variant in less than a year—and has remained the dominant variant for the past 10 months. Writing for the New York Times, Carl Zimmer explores whether a new "pi" variant could emerge next.




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