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February 18, 2022

Weekend reads: Why shoppers are still hoarding

Daily Briefing

    The return of segmented sleeping, travel trends for spring 2022, and more.

    Vivian Le's reads

    Travel trends for spring 2022. With coronavirus restrictions loosening around the world, many experts predict that travel and tourism will reach pre-pandemic levels this year. In anticipation of increased travel, the New York Times has curated a list of eight travel trends, including what air travel restrictions to expect, the prices of rental cars, and popular destinations for both individuals and families.

    Why shoppers are still hoarding. Buying in bulk was common in the early days of the pandemic when supplies were limited, but many Americans are still keeping up the habit even two years later, building up a stockpile of food, household goods, and more. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Lisa Bannon explains why bulk-buying trends have continued and how retailers are changing to meet new demands.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    The return of segmented sleeping. During the pandemic, some people have started naturally reverting back to a fragmented sleep cycle experts believe was standard in some civilizations all the way up to the early 19th century. Writing for the New York Times, Danielle Braff explains what is driving the return of segmented sleep cycles. 

    Is plant-based meat still in demand? During the third quarter of 2021, three of the largest plant-based food producers reported earnings shortfalls, signaling a potential decline in demand for plant-based meat. Writing for Vox, Kenny Torrella explains why there is still a promising future for the plant-based meat industry.

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