5 takeaways from our expert panel discussion on home-based care

Download the takeaways and slides from our expert panel about home-based care under Medicare Advantage. Then, check out more Advisory Board resources below.

Download the takeaways

Download the presentation slides

Excerpt: How ChenMed and SteadyMD are disrupting ambulatory care

As innovators continue to disrupt the ambulatory care landscape, health systems are searching for new ways to partner with health tech companies in order to protect their outpatient market share. Read this briefing to learn about two disruptive care providers.

Infographic: 5 questions health care providers use to evaluate AI solutions

Here are five questions providers are using to determine the value of an AI vendor’s offerings, whether the technology is worth the investment, and if the vendor will be a true strategic partner. Use the infographic to think about how to position your AI offering.Download now.

Webinar recording and slides: The how-to guide to digital partnerships

Learn the advice we're giving to health system providers on how to work productively with digital health start-ups. Access the recording and slides now.


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