CV Care Team Benchmarking Report

High-value benchmarks for CV program staffing

benchmarks for CV program staffing

In the rapidly-changing world of CV services, installing the right staffing approach can present a challenge. To meet the evolving staffing needs of the CV service line, the Cardiovascular Roundtable surveyed CV programs across the country to uncover prevailing trends in care team design.

Drawing data from organizations with a range of sizes and service offerings, this report provides targeted staffing benchmarks and strategies to help CV leaders ensure efficient care team operations. Download the report to explore the following:

  • PA, NP, and RN staffing ratios for a CV inpatient units
  • Outpatient practice staffing and operations data for HF, device, vascular, TAVR, and AF clinics
  • Staffing and operations data for cross-continuum care coordination

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