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The state of employee engagement—how do you compare?

Topics: Employee Engagement, Workforce, Accountability and Action Planning, Efficiency, Performance Improvement, Performance Management, Productivity

About the Benchmark Report

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To help HR leaders isolate the most promising improvement priorities from your employee engagement survey results, the 2012 Employee Engagement Benchmark Report provides:

  • Analysis of trends in engagement levels and driver performance across the past three years
  • Relative rankings of engagement drivers by impact and industry-wide performance
  • Data on the most—and least—engaged hospital departments, nursing unit specialties, and job titles
  • Information to understand how your department-and-unit-specific benchmarks compare to peers at other organizations

Prioritize Your Engagement Efforts

Defining an effective engagement strategy is all about prioritization. Which organizational deficits should you invest in to maximize the return on your time and effort?

The data most organizations receive from their engagement survey provides a good starting point—with insight into departmental engagement levels and percentiles. However, what’s often lacking is context to help you differentiate between low scores and true improvement opportunities.

Take your survey data one step further with health care-specific engagement benchmarks to understand where you stand compared to other hospitals and health systems.

More Information

This benchmark report is intended for HR leaders as a sample of the support and resources offered through the Employee Engagement Initiative.

For more information, please contact Kate Myers at or 202-266-6828. Please note, a valid hospital email address is required to access the report.

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